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Green Auto Market is a free weekly newsletter covering the business of green cars, fuels, and technologies. It features news and data analysis connecting the dots on important issues shaping the future of transportation - and it's read by many stakeholders in this new and emerging field. Check out the latest issues and sign up for the free weekly newsletter here. 

Green Auto Market Extended Edition is a monthly paid subscription newsletter offering market data and analysis on this emerging global industry.

Topics/issues covered in Extended Edition:

  • Monthly sales numbers for hybrids and electric vehicles.
  • ​Stock market performance on green transportation publicly traded companies.
  • Fuel prices on gasoline and diesel with comparisons to CNG, E85, propane, and biodiesel.
  • Infrastructure: US fueling and charging stations.
  • Government policies impacting the industry.
  • Vehicle technologies and fueling/charging infrastructure successes and failures.
  • Introduction of car and truck offerings in EV, hybrid, fuel cell, natural gas, propane autogas, and other emerging alternative fuels and technologies.
  • Marketing campaigns that are reaching decision makers in consumer, business, and NPO segments.
  • Deployment of green vehicles and fueling/charging infrastructure networks.
  • Capital investments from public and private entities. 
  • Developments in international marketplaces impacting clean transportation.
  • Smart transportation -- including autonomous/driverless vehicles, telematics, carsharing, ridesharing, and connected cars.

The annual subscription for Green Auto Market Extended Edition is $75.00. Those interested can subscribe here for the monthly publication.

Green Vehicle Database:
  In the next few months, LeSage Consulting will release the Green Vehicle Database with specifications, pricing, and incentive data on passenger and commercial vehicle offerings for the 2014 and 2015 model years.