Serving stakeholders in clean transportation:  fleets, OEMs, infrastructure, government, and coalitions

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Service Offerings

Mission Statement: LeSage Consulting serves stakeholders in making the business case for clean transportation. Resources include studies and reports; emissions and fuel consumption analysis; vehicle acquisition and infrastructure research; and media and marketing strategies. LeSage Consulting has alliances with Green Auto Market weekly e-newsletter and Automotive Digest for reaching stakeholders in clean transportation and the auto industry. 

How it works:

Content creation:
Feature articles
 Websites and blogs
 Webinars and speaking engagements
Video and audio
Green Auto Market and Green Auto Market Extended Edition
 Information products including white papers, reports, and e-books

Marketing communications:
 Promotional content such as coverage of company news, product launches, and special events
Social media placement
 Multiple content channels including articles, newsletters, press releases, video, audio, and webinars
 Direct marketing through postal and email
 Public information and marketing campaigns
Green Auto Market and Extended Edition sponsorships and event promotions

Market intelligence:​​
 In-depth interviews with stakeholders
 Analytical reports focusing on emerging trends, vehicle acquisitions, technology innovations, legislative and regulatory environment, and global markets
Consulting and research services to clients with sustainability targets
 Industry metrics including hybrid and EV sales; alternative fuel prices; stock market performance for companies in clean transportation; US charging and fueling stations; and green vehicle specifications and incentives.

Market segments served:
Fleet managers, fleet management companies, and transportation companies
OEMs, automotive suppliers, and dealerships
Charging and fueling infrastructure providers 
Government agencies and research centers 
Industry associations
Consumers who own and drive these vehicles
Carsharing and ridesharing providers 
Telematics and connected car providers   
Stakeholders in sustainability and cleantech
Marketing agencies 
Energy companies